Time and tide

Up at four to leave the house at 0430 and drive to the other end of the island to help search for a bike, Took a sneaky couple of minutes to grab a pano on the first and the last (of five) flights. The second one turned out normal when using MICE and Kuula, the first is weird, heavily distorted in Kuula so I rendered it as an “interesting” still using a different stitch in MICE.

Litchi doesn’t have a sky -filler-inner like I believe Go4 does so I use either some of my own images or one of the excellent set given away FREE by milkmanchris

Crap merge GIMP skills are my own


Did you find the bike?

No Stuart, the location given was between the sandbank and the shore, the wavelets and the reflection prevented seeing into the water to any great depth and there had been three tidal cycles between it being thrown in and this attempt to fin it. Even though the water at low tide only gets to be chest-deep between the sandbank and the shore a bike laying down is only a few inches off the bottom. 5 flights later (with low battery warning landings) we gave up.

Long story short some “friends” had lured my neighbours lad - autistic and ADHD - out onto the sandbank, scarpered through the water with his bike, turned and live streamed his fear of the water and his attempts to get back as the tide rose. They abandoned him on the bank knowing that the channel between it and the shore fills quickly and knowing his fear of the water and that he can’t swim. They dumped the £400 quid mountain bike on the way to shore,

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I’d have found out who the barsteds were and, done the same to them, and see how they would have liked it !.

Sounds to me like a visit to the parents of those little F@$ktards needs to be organised. To educate them on the danger their darling little sh@s placed that young lad in and to recover the cost of the bike. :rage:


Could not agree more Dave !.
We’ll send the boys down ,so they can meet “The Management” !. F@ckwits !


Well that’s crap… I hate bullies of any persuasion / reason.

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There is. I believe, a lot of backstory of which I’m not aware. He seems perfectly ok and polite if a little shy on the odd occasion I meet him but he is prone to destructive rages from time to time. Emergency serices know our addresses well.

But that is absolutely no excuse for a couple of arseholes to take advantage of a vulnerable lad in the way that they did.Their identities are known but I’m not sure that violence toward them is any slaasting solution or closure for either the parents or the boy.

I just wish that Karma would pull her finger out!

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Agreed - bullies don’t learn from being bullied back.

Not always true @stubbyd. I was bullied at a new secondary school right up to the point I fought back and put the bully on his arse. He never bothered me again, in my experience bullies are the biggest cowards on this planet.

They often are. Victims fighting back can be effective’ people attacking bullies on the victim’s behalf may stop the cycle of violence. Or it may lead to repeated attacks on the weakest person - the original victim :frowning:

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See I sort of agree with both of you :slight_smile: Yes, all bullies are cowards and “covering up” for their own shortcomings / failures / weakness - call it what you want…

I too was bullied at school (boarding school, so didn’t even get respite ta home time) and fought back, so yes, my bare faced statement in that sense is wrong. But that is a small scale fight back, and long term it may affect a small %age of bullies to not follow up.

But, in general I believe my statement is more right than wrong - YMMV of course.

I suspect a lot of bullies are only so because they are in a group situation and bolstered by or egged on by the group. When, in cases like mine, where i was big enough to not be picked upon “one on one” and when I’d reached the end of my patience, and like @SeaHunter I fought back (in my case it was one punch) then each individual bully decided I wasn’t worth the effort. Unfortunately, these same bullies that left me alone, just doubled down on the smaller guys. So this fits right into @macspite statement.

Kids are horrible little creatures - fortunately most of us grow up to be reasonable and responsible adults.


looking at some of the little scrotes today,not so sure,mummy and daddy must be just as bad…