Time Lapse Glen Nevis

Time Lapse Glen Nevis last week


Great stuff Naz, what did you shoot it on ?

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Looks like a great location!

Hope you don’t mind … I had a quick tinker …


dji osmo mobile 2 iPhone 11 Pro

As I said very nice

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Looks brill don’t tweak it in any way, leave it pure.

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Original is by far the most natural and beautiful
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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I should have mentioned, I’d wanted to see if the stabilisation in Davinci Resolve would eliminate the little camera wobble @ 12 secs, since I’d never tried using it on a long pan in a time lapse.
(The slight colour change was actually a mistake - posted wrong tinker.)

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Camera wobble was when I got a little bit of Wind

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Brilliant, love it

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@Fatboy, I think some members would be interested to know how you done that?.
I love the video.

Here you go Chris.

Doh, I mean, the way it was done Richard, a how to, if that makes sense .

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Got you, an instructional video maybe.

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I have a rotating gizmo that fits to a camera and by turning it sets off the timer that then rotates it very slowly and can turn 360 degrees.
By then setting up the camera for time lapse,I presume it would give you a similar effect?.

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Have a look at this


Thanks Naz !

I need to get my head into my Osmo Pocket manual again before I head off on my cruise to Iceland in a few weeks.
Seeing I don’t think the drone will be coming with me!. :worried:


This was posted in the early days of the Osmo Pocket … so it can definitely achieve exactly the same as Naz has done here.

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Thanks Dave !