Time-Lapse videos

Nothing to do with drones … but created this today.

Thought I’d share.


I love these :+1:

What happened at 0:50 ?! Looked great :smiley:

What sort of time frame was this captured over Dave?

Ummm - nothing, for me. ??

Effectively 30fps shot 1 frame every 8 seconds.

.50 some clouds came in to shot and just stayed there for a while, without passing over like the previous clouds :slight_smile:

No problems here. Strange.

OK on phone too.

Love the video Dave.

I think we should keep this thread going like the pano and daily photos.

Here’s one from me. Taken in winter so no blue skies with rolling clouds.


I think it would be good to have this as a continuing thread. :+1:

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Right last one from me for now.


Ooooo! That’s a dronie cloud time-lapse! :+1::+1::+1:

Nope, shot on action cam at top of hill and motion added with premiere pro trickery.
Does look like done by drone, one of my favourites.

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I’m now tempted to use Litchi to take a smooooooooooth video to speed up into time-lapse, tho! :wink:

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Mind - that vid of mine today represents 7.5 hours. Can’t see my MP staying in the air that long … not even with a @My-Mavic-My-Rules battery mod! LOL!


Definately! I thought about it for a while but thought it would be difficult to add slow smooth movement manually which would look ok frame to frame.
Litchi would be perfect if you could get it slow enough and do a slow cable cam type shot with a nice backdrop and rolling clouds.

Mavic is so steady you could also do a forward motion hyperlapse following a trail, road or whatever and would look spectacular.

Let’s see what we can come up with.

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Does this count?



What totally perfect music for it, too!!! :+1:

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I posted this in the Media section (Timelapse) and some drone footage


GoPro laid on the family room floor looking up through the skylight. I like timelapses and the GoPro (and iPhone for that matter) make them really simple.


Here’s one from me. Taken from the Minack Theatre in Cornwall overlooking Porthcurno beach earlier this year. Taken using my iPhone, using standard timelapse settings. I loved the shadows across the water.


Here’s one of mine. Several hours as you can see by the fall and rise of the tide. I used a polarising filter to enhance the clouds. There is drone aerial video of the Creek on my channel too.