Tiny Planet 360 Pano with a difference!

Shot a Tiny Planet 360 Sphere with my DJI Spark. Used Theta+ for Android to create the image from the Sphere Pano, then animated it with Zoetropic for Android. Think it’s a pretty cool effect!


Holy cow!

Two interesting apps!! Thanks for that.

Edit: Very first play with Zeotropic! :wink:

Original still this was made from …

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Seriously cool effects!!

Don’t suppose it can go one step further and export to GIF can it?! :sunglasses:

What do you think my in page video is? :wink:
(Crap colour depth … but conveys the idea.)

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Yes, of course… whoops :blush:

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It’s Friday, end of a working week (for most :wink:) … you’re excused.

Yep. It’s a very interesting app, and gets better with every update…