Tinyhawk 2 Crossfire Nano RX range issue

Hi guys,

I installed the Crossfire Nano RX on the TH2 (small white plastic version) and had trouble binding it to Tango 2, however, it has now bound but with severe limitations, I can only control the quad from about 6 inches away, anything over this it has complete RX Loss and drops.

I checked soldering and antenna, all appears to be ok, anything springing to mind as what this could be? Tango 2 works fine on TH2FS so assuming I can rule that out.

Kept original antenna on RX for now, only really wanted it for indoor practice etc.

Ok, so I bought a Nazgul5 V2, tried binding this morning, same issue, cant even get it to register input in betaflight, move it over 6 inches away and rx signal critical and then loss - so maybe it is the Tango 2??? Seems odd that its happening on 2 machines,1 of which I didn’t fit the RX.

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Tango 2 is on right freq. and highest power output for testing etc, at a bit of a loss. Cant test TH2FS just yet, its in the middle of swapping a motor after the housing popped off mid flight


What firmware are you on?

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Tango II XF
Firmware 4.11
Hardware 2.05
Bootloader 3.05

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I don’t think it’s an antenna issue cos i’ve have a nano rx on a whoop without an antenna to save weight and it was good for a football field length.
Have you tried reflashing?

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I’ve had a couple of issues with this with the sixty9.
Not so much not connecting but lots of rx loss.

I updated software and found that having tx turned on before my rx stopped the issue happening.

Seems to be a lot of glitches with the newer tbs software. I had to wait two weeks for an update before mine would work.

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For many many years (see, I’m old and can remember these things) RC modellers have always followed this as a golden rule :smiley:

and after use RX off first then TX off
i.e. RX always sees the TX

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure the latest version of Crossfire firmware is V6.09 probably worth updating everything using Agent X or Agent M :+1:t2:

Good Shout @SirGunner , ill try there and try reflashing @notveryprettyboy , see where that gets me later on

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I think that did it, the TH2 is now able to fly round the living room and the Nazgul armed, will have to give it all a proper test over the weekend but i reckon thats it.

Updated the Tango II via Agent X, then it was a mixture of binding, power cycling and on the Nazgul, emergency load procedure to flash back to “golden” firmware, then reupdated through binding process and it seemed to work.

Are most systems as fragile when trying to bind or just Crossfire?

Ill be following the TX first on last off rule from now on too, hopefully that will help eliminate future occurrences.


Tbs is quite solid, but they update their firmware or agentx sometimes, and it can be buggy.

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Glad it looks like its sorted Stephen :+1:t2:


Definitely lots to be learned from those who have been in the hobby for sometime.

Feel free to share any other learnings with us all


Quick update - all working fine, TH2, TH2FS no issues, didn’t have chance to test the Nazgul as it was too busy where I was, but im confident. Also, im kind of scared of the 5" - going to be an interesting day when I break that in, probably literally.

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Come and join us …
… one day

We are good at finding pieces :laughing:

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Thats great to hear Stephen :+1:t2: With regard to being nervous flying the 5" Nazgul don’t be. Its actually easier to fly a bigger quad than a smaller one. The bigger quads feel more balanced, just go easy on the throttle until you get a feel for it :wink: As your are around the Coventry area you should get out with @notveryprettyboy @DeanoG60 @Steviegeek A few hours flying with the Coventry Massive will increase your confidence ten fold :grinning:


Hi Steve did you find your battery

@Steviegeek I would love that, I saw you mentioned you were in a club on another post, was that a flying club? If so, looking for members? Which kidney is needed for entry? Also, im relived to hear this, as I reckon I could probably aim for a record of how many pieces we will be looking for once I gain that abundant overconfidence. “I just hit that gap the size of a goal post, woo! Now watch this!”

@SirGunner I appreciate the tip, im looking forward to the weight balance, not looking forward to the momentum I suppose, knowing I love the idea of a bando and have the skills for a field haha

Also, only have 1 x 4s battery currently that I got for the soldering iron, payday will bring the other 9 and a bigger charger, its painful charging the 10 x 2s I have already :sleepy:

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Hi Eugene
Yes, and the camera, made me a happy bunny :smiley: