Today's flight,Hayling island

Beautiful day ,so had a few flights on Hayling island,and across the water,into Portsmouth…:+1::+1:

And just for fun,a DRONIE!!


Gret pics Tony!

Which earns you the Dronie badge too :smiley:

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Lovely photos there. Beautiful day :slight_smile:

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Set of great pictures there Tony, looks like you had a great day with your drone.

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OOPS ! Just found out,that,apparently,the beach on the Eastney side,is supposedly a nudist beach!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nice work mate

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now your talking !, all for a bit of nip !

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Wandered why the camera had a mind of its own,and kept pointing down!!!:+1::+1::laughing:

And tuck !!!


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