Tower Bando exploring

This was a complete blast. This is Node Court near Hitchen, have added to DroneScene. Was pointed in this direction by ShepFPV on YouTube - worth checking his channel for some serious flying.

Here’s my far more sedate exploring… which still gave me total jelly legs tbh. They couldn’t be much bigger and still be called gaps really :joy:


@Steviegeek new year meet?

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Is this the one where someone set fire to a car and it burned down the building next to it. I think I watched a video of Sync flying there (and he ended up in the pond).

It’s been on my list for a bit, but it’s way far South from Sheffield. Too far for a day trip.

Need to go a recce, Saturday ?!??


Eager beavers… :beaver: Love it :grin:

Ah - good call. Yes… and yes. :slightly_smiling_face: I just went and looked at his channel… his title is ’ The Beautiful British Bando’ and is from 3yrs ago. It’s actually still got quite a lot of roof in his video - all of which is gone now, after a second fire :man_facepalming: Some staggering flying though - as you’d expect!

Don’t suppose you know where this one is. I think it’s down towards North London somewhere, but I have never met anyone who has been there. Seen it in lots of YT vids.

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Oh that looks like another cracking place… sadly no idea where it is though, hopefully someone will pop up with an answer. This place is like that. :grin: