TOZO DJI Signal Booster - perfect!


Not looking for super-dooper long distance flying, a) that’s illegal, and b) I don’t want to loose my A/C. However, I do want to be sure that I keep the A/C under control at all times. Have watched a few YouTube videos by a US drone enthusiast (also quite a funny guy) Ken Heron and one of his YouTube videos ( extolled the benefits of the TOZO passive range extenders and I thought, why not?
Well they arrived today and I cehecked them out. Using my Airdata log I flew almost the same mission as last week and at the furthest point - 1694 feet - last week recorded 68% radio signal strength, today at 1904 feet the recorded radio signal strength was 97%!
As I say, I just want to be sure I have the greatest chance of getting my A/C back safe and sound and for 14.99 off Amazon I simply cant fault them.

Just saying . . .


Do you have the Amazon link mate?

A few of our members have went the active booster route.


Great suggestion Callum -


I’ve not tried anything like that myself but know a few people who swore by them on the P3.


Well I can only reprt as is - and I am both amazed and delighted for the cost!


I have them and use them on the P2,P3,P4, Mavic Pro ,Mavic Air,
(I have about 3 pairs of them for different transmitters)
I think that’s a big enough endorsement !, they do make lot of difference.
But, they can on occasion be very quirky about direction, and need to be kept facing the drone when fitted.


Yes, with the drone high in the sky they’re easily managed, it’s only as the aircraft gets nearer to the horizon that you have to remember to tilt the remote controller more parallel to the ground in order to keep the reflectors cross sectional area pointing towards the aircraft.


Tx for the tip. Based on these Recs I think I’ll get one for the MA👍