Trains Passsing the "Chilworth Chicken" (Jessie's Seat memorial)

Hi all.

When I’m not flying drones, I work on the railway. I thought it was time I captured some of what is a beautiful route through the Surrey Hills. Here is a video I created of trains passing the “Chilworth Chicken”, a railway memorial to a guard killed in a horrific train crash in 1892.
This is between Chilworth and Gomshall stations, close to the village of Albury.

At least 50m both horizontal and vertical separation was maintained at all times and I never overflew the railway itself. The video was zoomed in Adobe Premiere in parts making it look closer.

Can I ask, if you are inspired to do railway footage yourself, please, do not overfly the railway and do keep safe and legal distances. Above all, never trespass on the railway, even for a downed drone!

Fly safe all.

Enjoy !