Transcoding fault message mini 2

a question regarding this message !
so filming in 4 k and not being able to upload it to fly app for editing, is there a fix for this
or is it easier to use another program to edit video footage
i know if i film in 2.7 or less i can upload footage in conjunction and all ok ,
i use drone with a Samsung s5e the video plays fine on its own just cant upload to edit.
any suggestions welcome
thanks in advance :thinking:

I get the same message, if there is an answer i would like to know it too. It seems a bit crzy that you can film in 4K but can’t upload it. You can take the card out and put it in a card reader and d it that way but that won’t help in the field.

We taking iOS or Android here ?

hi guys ,
just a follow up on my original post , i have tried a card reader and it still wont have it ,
and Chris its an andriod samsung tablet .
maybe the option is a different editing software , any sugestions on that aspect , sorry it wasnt ment to be a muti question answer :rofl:

I think probably the best app would be premiere rush, this isn’t free though.

To get the video off you could try using Google drive or OneDrive or similar cloud storage.

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You need to check can your device play 4k and maybe error is relating to this, also try turning on your video enhancer on Samsung devices to see if this helps,

My Samsung video enhancer is located settings/ advanced features/ video enhancer on/off.

Try to see if this works suggested on another forum (If you cannot see it then download quick shortcut maker open the search bar and search for “Video Enhancer” , then you tap the settings icon , another icon will go below the first icon and it will be called Video Enhancer , you tap on it and tap try , then you activate it and it’s done!)

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thank you all for the advise i will look into all the options :pray: :+1:

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