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I’ve been on here to ask questions and the help has been great so I have another question. I’ve been flying my two drones M2Z and mini 2 for two years now and have improved my skill level enough that I feel I could offer my services to potential clients but I am very inexperienced on the technical side of things so basically I would like to know, how is it best to transfer footage/photos to a client, mem sticks, Dropbox etc? I plan to do some roof surveys (I have a contact within a commercial/estate agent) and for example, if the survey is 10 minutes long, what is the best way to transfer that file? Also, if I have 20 photos for example again, what’s the best method. Apologies for my naivety but after the flying is done, I must admit the next stage isn’t my strong point!

Things to think about here -

Cloud storage like Dropbox / WeTransfer - no need to worry about cost of postage or things getting lost in the post - cost of storage - will the free offering be enough for what you want to do ?

Will you see the client again in a time that will be acceptable to the client to get the files from you if you were to use USB sticks ? You can get cheap low storage USB sticks that you can basically give away.

The most practical way and most reusable would be cloud storage - Plenty around to see what will work for you be it Dropbox / WeTransfer / iCould / Google / OneDrive etc - you might already have enough storage that you can just setup a folder and share the link out to a client and state they have 14 / 30 days etc to copy the files should they want to keep them etc without it costing too much or anything really.

I’ve tried Dropbox with clients twice (because I already had a pro account with enough storage). It didn’t go well. Something about the UX for unregistered users just confused the heck out of them. Both times I ended up paying for WeTransfer, giving them a month to get the files then cancelling the subscription (after confirming they’d got the files).

Google is about as good as anything. Nice and easy on the share management side of things, cheap (ish) too.

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Does the client need a Google account too? Stupid question probably!

Just any email address

You may find that you just need to be flexible as the client may well dictate the delivery method.
I have used USB sticks, DVDs, wetransfer and google drive.

Where ossicle I prefer the usb stick as it a a one shot delivery rather than having the client come back and ask you to put them back I as he needs them again.

You can also easily brand the usb sticks with a simple keyring tag why your details on it.

Great help as always on here, thanks so much for the replies

Hi Dave,
In case wetransfer etc don’t offer enough space or speed you might look into Masv:

It’s a similar service but designed really for doco filmakers who have small budgets but still have large files to transfer. Their customer service is great too so perhaps of interest.
Good luck!

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Free for files upto 2GB and links active for a week.

File mail is what I use. Share large files up to 5 GB free using email or a secure link.
Send Large Files Free - Fast Secure File Transfer - Filemail

Stick them on a USB stick its easy, they get the stick when they pay :+1:

This is the way to go. I use them for all my wedding work and it’s great advertising having your details on them.

Thanks, that’s great, just tried Filemail and very easy to use.

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I use Google Drive and initially upload low res with a big watermark on. Once they have paid I upload the high res shots without a watermark.

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Glad to be of help.