Travel to Bali July 2018

Travelled to Bali with the Mavic Air combo, so bird, batteries, charger, RC etc.
I did some checks with the airlines (BA, Qatar and Garuda) via their twitter feeds and all were really helpful and seemed pleased I’d taken the trouble to ask. None of them expressed any problems as the batteries are well below their interest thresholds. Nevertheless I did partially discharge all batteries, taped the terminals and put two spares in a flame proof bag - not really convinced the bag (ex-eBay) is really very effective other than the labelling! One battery stayed in the MA. All batteries and MA packed in hand luggage with RC. All cables, chargers, etc in main luggage.

End result, not a flicker of interest through any of the security scans.

I’m flying on Air Asia tomorrow to Yjogjakarta but I’m disinclined to take the MA as it’s a NFZ around Borobudur so I think I might just watch the sunrise and snap some stills.

Hope this info is helpful.

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Very much so @TimD!

And thanks for sharing - it’s always good to hear other peoples experiences (and tips!) of travelling through an airport with a drone :smiley:

This is good @TimD cos I’ll be flying from Bristol to Faro in October with my MP :+1:t2:

Just give your airline a buzz online or by phone I’m sure they’ll give you good advice. In the end of course it’s the security staff who see what’s in your hand baggage and they are not affiliated to any of the airlines. I didn’t remove anything other than iPads from my bag before the scanner and I was expecting some questions or an additional bag search but nothing.
If know in advance your airline says you’re good to go, you at least have the basis for a discussion if the security staff do challenge you.

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Thanks @TimD I will get on to easyJet. I’m sure it will be fine. I have a small carry case that holds the MP, RC and 2 batteries. Did you put your batteries in Lipo bags ?

Yes I did use a Lipo bag but tbh looking and feeling the material I can’t see how they claim it’s explosion proof or even flame proof.

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This is the one I ordered on Amazon

Thought the same for a long time.

If you search the Tube for “LIPO Bag Test”, in nearly every case the only way they get them to go critical is when they are forcing them to burn by significant overcharge voltage/current … hardly relevant to flying on a plane.
Some are tested with batteries that are fully shorted out. More relevant to batteries with connectors on the end of cables than MP batteries and similar.

Also, the tests are done with the bag in the middle of nothing … not amongst other belongings in a carry-on bag, and as far as I can see from the tests, if was amongst other belongings, you’d have a fire.

Since the only reliable way they seem to have to cause them to go critical is whilst charging, it seems most strange that phones and laptops, etc., can often be charged whilst on a plane.

I think all the LIPO bags do is offer a totally palliative peace of mind to the airlines and show that they are “doing something”.

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Looking at that bag, I’m thinking that having “LI-PO SAFE BAG” carefully printed onto flap of the MP’s Combo Bag would probably satisfy the airline. :rofl:

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My thoughts exactly!

I’ll get these I think. Did you carry them on as hand luggage ? Means I wouldn’t be able to put the batteries in the MP carry case like this:

I put the spare batteries in a separate lipo bag and one battery in the MA but all in my hand luggage. One of the airlines, can’t remember which stated on their website that these batteries should not go into hold luggage. Which makes some sense given the fire risk apparently assigned to these batteries - previous comments on the risks outside of actually being charged duly noted.

I do think there’s currently a lot of misinformation associated with travelling with a drone but until the tech, particularly the batteries, is better understood by the airlines and airport security it is obviously wise to accept their caution and their rules.

Just ask your specific airline what they allow and follow it to the letter. If you’re challenged by security or check-in show them the email/twitter message/FB chat that contains your airline requirements. In truth I doubt you’ll be challenged but way better to be prepared.

Enjoy your trip to Faro!

Had a interesting trip to Borobudur today but once the enthusiasm for the sunrise had died down if found this guy watching the hoards leave…


Returned to UK via Singapore including going through Singapore customs and security.

Same experience as the outward journey: nobody showed the slightest interest in my drone or batteries. They were more interested in ensuring I’d removed my belt!

Happy travels.


Typical :roll_eyes:

But good to know they didn’t hassle you :+1:

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Trying to catch you with your pants down! :wink:

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