Travelling to Mauritius

I want to take my DJI Mini 3 Pro to Mauritius with me. Is it ok? I have checked it’s ok with BA and I’ve just noticed that the £25 membership insurance says UK Only. Anyone had any experience going abroad. I only want to fly along the unoccupied beach. It’s for fun only, but it’s looking like it might be more hassle than it’s worth!!! :unamused:

Scott ive edited the title to reflect the question

@F0ggydog This may hopefully help somewhat Scotty. Also this but check the rules are still extant

Check the airline your flying with but I’ve not come across any that will not allow you to travel with your drone and batteries in your hand luggage

Airlines allow batteries with a capacity of up to 27,000mAh. Most airlines limit portable chargers to batteries with 100-watt hours (Wh). This capacity limit applies to laptops, smartphones, tablets, and headphones.

European airport security have also expressed zero interest in drones going through check in. Do not put any batteries in the hold luggage.

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Many thanks … I will be taking it with me!

Hey @F0ggydog,

Just noticed this question and was wondering if you’ve been to Mauritius yet and how you got on as I’m off there in August and I’m ok with taking drone of the plane but was wondering if it’s generally ok in Mauritius as I’ve read in some places you need to pay each time you want to fly?

I did take my drone and had no issues whatsoever… I got some amazing footage, but it was windy and sometimes difficult to fly. I was at the top of the island.
Beautiful Island, but the traffic is horrendous!!

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Link ?

Be nice to see some :wink:

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