Trigger pulled!

Yep, I plumped for an Air 2s Fly More kit from LCE with a useful bunch of necessary accessories. Arrives on Tuesday in time for My Holiday to South Devon.

Looking forward to exploring some Jurassic coastline…!


Well done Nick I bought mine recently and it’s a fantastic bit of kit to handle, smooth quiet and excellent photos/videos. Enjoy and all the health to flying :+1:

Well, she has arrived l, quite surprised by the weight!! Well it is an Air2s!!!
Just waiting for Amazon to deliver my ancillaries and we’re good to go!

Ahhh Firmware update imminent I believe!

Hi mate, I don’t think you’ll regret it​:+1:. I’ve got the mini 3, which is absolutely great, and a lot of people are comparing it to the 2S, it has its weight advantage and its quiet, but that’s it really for me. Just bought the Avata, which is MEGA fun, but I’ve flown my 2S for the first time in 2 weeks tonight , and…yer can’t beat it! . Love flying it​:grin:. Hope you enjoy yours :+1:

Well, I got out for the first time on Monday and had a go! Well I had three goes. Totally chuffed! So powerful!!!
Three batteries exhausted and I’m happy with the basic footage I have. Not edited in any way as yet as I am not home till next weekend.