Trying to chase Martin's Zohd Dart 250g with my 3" HDZero Tadpole

Trying to chase @gunja99’s Zohd Dart 250g with my HDZero 3" Armattan Tadpole proved a little more difficult than expected, but did show off HDZero quite well.

There was a bit of interference in this flight that is not present in other videos taken on that day. I wonder if my position next to the car was to blame or whether something else was interfering with the signal. Still it was flyable.

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lol, yeah that wing is fast isn’t it?! Glad got it off the ground on second flight!

That break up early on, weren’t you behind a tree? Probably caused it! Not the best of range. Noticed your 4th signal strength was a little low? Something to do with it?

Not sure exactly what was happening. Some break up was easy to explain other less so.

The camera looks out of focus

You were the closest to the big metal portakabins :thinking:
Let’s find you a better spot next time.