Trying to get smooth POI manually- NOT easy!

Just a very short vid to go with the stills I put up today.
About time I practiced POI manual - chose an easy subject but WOW is it difficult after relying ( being lazy ) and using the feature on the go 4 app.
Good fun trying tho, enjoying some outdoor time with the Mrs and a bottle of white wine chilling nicely in the very cold sea


It’s weird but I only used POI in the app for the first time in July which is well over 18 mths into owning the mavic 2’s. Although it did a good job I think I do a better job, as I can elongate the circle if the object is longer the wider.
When doing a manual POI I use the side of my thumb on the side of the stick for yaw, it seems to give me a smoother flight round the object, I still have my thumb on top for roll. Once I have the drone doing the circle as I want I do another lap with thumbs locked so I get 2 copies of the POI and the second is usually spot on.
Good job on the first go manually.
This is one of my manual ones


Nice one :+1:
I need to pull back to show the object in its environment really, but then I want to get close to see the detail !! lol Guess i should do 2 at different distances and blend them. All good fun tho even tho my thumbs get twitchy and want to do their own thing lol

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