TSS Duke of Lancaster

Always wanted to film this enjoy👍


Great reveal of one of the last British Railways steamers.

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:clap: Really enjoyed watching this - in terms of shots I really liked your opening fly away tilt up (think I rely too much on the fly towards and tilt up reveal).
You’re skilled, it’s obvious; but what really got me interested is the fact of it - of course somewhere in my head I knew that British Rail / Transport Commission had ships - I think I know that sometimes they even had rails so that trains (maybe without the engines?) could roll on and off. But here it is in pictures -the living thing. 1800 passengers a time (yep I’ve googled it!) that’s a lot of human stories in that piece of steel.
Fantastic - thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for your kind comments gavin I appreciate it and yes it’s amazing how much history there is in British engineering and for taking an interest in my post cheers grant :+1:

A great video with some excellent clips. This may seem a dumb question as I know nothing about this particular ship, but how the hell did it get there. I was a Chief Engineer on tankers so I know it can’t have been such a simple thing. It looks as if has been there for some time.

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This is what I have found on it


You can buy via Kindle books an interesting historical fact based book called Duke of Lancaster trapped in a pirate republic
Telling the story behind how she ended up in The dock also what the reasons were
Enjoyed your excellent video

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I would love to get over to wales and shoot this at some point. I feel a small way affiliated with this vessel simply because of its name. As I am a member of the Duke of Lancasters Regiment.

Nec Aspera Terrent

It’s a great place easy to get to there is 2 paths down to it one has a locked gate but you can get to the other side of it and just fly over and around it I went early in the morning never seen a soul lol I have been wanting to film it for years and stayed in north wales so got the chance
And respect to you :facepunch:t2:

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Great clips. I really like how you fly by it’s side. Very nice indeed.