Turned away at Whitby Abbey

Hi I’m new to the group just a quick question, I went to Whitby to get shots of the Abbey but was turned away? I appreciate that drones can be dangerous but I’ve passed my A2 and would always fly safely! Any thoughts on this?

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The church diocese have every right to restrict filming on their land but just over the road on Abbey Lane and Cleveland Way is a public right of way with land either side which I would assume is public as the Abbey ruins are behind walls which indicates the diocese boundary.

Incidentally. Drone Assist is showing a planned DJ promo video being shot down there today. Other than that Drone Assist says there are no restriction in place.

Take off and land nearer the coast and fly over and around. Nothing they can do to stop you.


Same info available in a nicer format on our very own DroneScene


Yeah some very useful told out there an now a new one is coming… and looks very interesting too. Only a demo at the moment, and only on PC (apps hopefully coming soon) but if it gets to do all they say and hope it will, it could be a game changer for everyone looking for places to fly

Will be keeping a close eye on this one for sure

Yeah and only £10 a month subscription

Fuck that

I’m with @milkmanchris on this one. It’s just a money spinner, dronescene does everything that you would ever need plus extras and it’s free. :ok_hand:t2:


I find it all a grey area particularly regarding publicly areas!? I am aware of all legal distancing regarding uninvolved people but how can I set up TOL area and keep people away whilst it’s a public place?

Get a Mini 2 ;o)

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