Two questions

Hi gents, if I may ask two quick ones,

1, Now I have my DJI FPV I think it might be good to have a ‘beater’. Is there a company that makes a quad that can connect to my existing goggles and controller fuss free?

2, When combining cinematic footage from DJI FPV and Mavic 2 pro in da vinci I noticed that the 4k 24fps from thw maviv and the 4k 60fps of the FPV don’t work together! (What a noob) is the solution to set drones to the same rate?

Not the DJI FPV Drone controller no, that’s purely for the DJI FPV Drone.

As for a bind and fly that will work with your DJI Goggles the iFlight Nazgul HD any of the HD editions will work but you’ll need a new Radio and compatible receiver to go with it. Or the DJI FPV Controller. That will bind to the DJI HD VTX without the need for a receiver.

The second question would be better asked here:

@richardmarsh888 I’ve added to my initial post just incase you’ve missed it lol

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Thanks, so will the iFlight Nazgul HD bind to the existing controller and goggles easily? Will I be able to fly one then the other seamlessly?

The Nazgul HD will bind to goggles just fine but you won’t be able to use the same controller.


Can you kindly suggest a controller that will work with the iFlight Nazgul HD?

The easiest option would be the DJI FPV Controller:

But it’s also the most expensive way of doing it.

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Thanks, happy to pay for plug n play!

Then yes a good option would be an iFlight Nazgul HD and the DJI FPV Controller would be your best option.

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So I have 2 nasgul 5 one evo on hd and an analog version might be interesting in selling if interested it’s brand new

Help me out here, because I’m feel I’m missing something. Or not, because I’m only a casual bystander. :wink:



I’m guessing that these aren’t actually the same thing. :laughing:

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The controller that comes with the DJI FPV Drone only works with the DJI FPV Drone.

But DJI Sell an FPV Controller that binds with the Air unit and Air Unit Lite (Vista) the one I linked too.

This is the Controller that comes with the FPV drone:

And only works with the DJI FPV Drone.

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So there’s no way to hack it?

Probably but the guy wanted easy plug and play. :+1:t2:

The DJIFPV DRONE & the DJI FPV system are two different things.
The DJIFPV GREY Playstation Style controller will only work with that drone. I say drone because that what it is.
The DJI FPV system is the goggles, vista or air unit and black controller. However you can have different controllers if you go for another rx/tx set up.
I did start out with the DJIFPV. It was a great tool for learning imo, as are the simulators. But when I went full FPV I sold the DJI potato but kept the goggles and bought the black controller. It is simple to buy any HD FPV and just bind when it arrives. The only downside is it is obviously the more expensive way to go.
I now have a fleet of 5 HD kwads and all fly with the DJI system. (Goggles, black controller, vistas)