Two Tree Island Essex Meet - 10am Sunday 9th May

Ok, I said I would weeks ago so now is a good a time as any.

Next Sunday 9th May myself and a friend who’s not on this forum are meeting up at the car park on Two Tree Island for a few drone flights over the Thames Estuary. A couple more Essex members have indicated they’d like to meet, @Tolly and @Tails and being such a wide open area all are welcome. Plenty of room for all.

Anyone else up for it?

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Cheers Phil,

Sounds good. Hope the weather is kind to us.

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At the moment UAV Forecast isn’t looking too good for next Sunday with gusts of 40 mph from 9am onwards throughout the day but that could all change between now and then. Fingers crossed

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Sunday morning is looking OK for some low to mid level flights. 16mph at 150ft gusting to 25mph. Any changes I’ll post up here. Hope to see you guys then.