Tynemouth area - quick fly by


Hi All

Shot this on the the “hottest Feb day since records began” etc.

Great to see everybody out and some obv POIs;)

Apols: Ive since been told Whitley Bay isnt in Northumberland, so Sorry for the error

Hope you enjoy and appreciate feedback



Excellent shots Steve
Great pans and so fluid well done



Very nice mate, haven’t been there for many years so it’s great to see



Nice vid! Gets you the Coastal Flyer Badge on your profile, too! :+1:



The only tweak I’d consider making is to lighten the shadows on some of the shots into sun … there’s quite a bit of detail in there that (for me) looks better being brought out.

I grabbed a frame and tweaked it.
The headland cliffs in shadow and the rocks exposed, to me, look more interesting.

Before …

After …

Which editing software are you using?

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Jeff: Tx for the comments. I struggle with pans because you have to keep it so slow, you dont think there is enough “happening”: that bay was just inviting not to pan though;)
You may have noticed Ive upgraded to a M2P - that was your “fault” from the NEC;)

Bl@@dy amazing thing. One of my biggest learning points is the aperture adjustment. I quickly learnt that you NEED ND filters, even on mildly sunny days. The “range” the aperture adjustment gives you is good, but you soon run out and the ND filters extend that range. LOL I know Im not using “videographer” language - but you get the drift;)

Paul: glad you liked it

OV: Thanks for the badge. Appreciate your FB. Im currently using iMovie but Ive since upgraded to FCPX. Youre right, theres more detail in your version.
BTW: how do you lift a screenshot and edit it…clever;)



Laptop - Play YouTube full screen - PrtScrn - open Photoshop - new document (defaults to screen dimensions) - Paste - Edit. :wink:



OK - not where you might find the “Lighten Shadow” controls in either of those … had you been using DaVinci Resolve, I could have pointed you to the relevant places.



Tx OV, I’ll have a play and see if FCPX has something similar👍

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I’m sure it does … the two tools “Lighten Shadows” and “Darken Highlights” (rarely use the latter) are common through most image/video editing software.



It does Steve just have to play with it till your happy