Typhoon H Plus test flight

this is a quick un edited clip i did this morning on my new Typhoon H Plus at the front of my house.


Very nice vid.

It’s ok it was just a quick wiz round at the front of my house as a test flight after compass calibration. Only chance I have had to fly so far. Hoping to get some time over next few days😁

Perfectly still today Jon.

I know got a stinking cold again. Gonna look weird trying to fly a drone with snot running down my face. Grooooosssss

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At least no one would approach you :laughing:
I was going to go out but haven’t as yet.
Not sure where to go :thinking:

It’s a great camera isn’t it. Hope you have many great hours of flying…

I do love the camera going to get out and play with the different flight modes hopefully. Probably a noob question but what are the d pads for and is there a zoom on the camera like the mavic pro

Slow stick movements look much better.
I suggest you turn down your yaw rates, Camera, etc, to give smoother video.
I do understand you wanting to test this, test that, but flying fast with legs in view is not very cinematic.
Just trying to be helpful.
And, there is no zoom on the Typhoon.

Hi sorry for late reply.

The pads are for set up use… the camera doesn’t have a zoom. If you want a zoom. You need to be looking at the the yuneec tornado. There is rumours that the 520 will be having a zoom camera coming this year… are you enjoying the Typhoon?

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Yep I sure am going to get out and test some of the different flight mode as soon as we get some reasonable weather

@turbys9 are there any apps you use with your typhòon that you have loaded to the base station. Having trouble finding something similar to litchi that will work with it


I’ve not used any third party apps: I’m reluctant to risk anything that may course issue or worse fly off.

To edit any camera work I us iMovie.

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