Uffington Castle and White Horse - Neolithic & Iron Age

Hi All,
This is one of the videos I took when visiting Uffington yesterday morning. Some of the photos, if you are interested are to be found here;

I hope you enjoy. Prehistory fascinates me and I have been to many sites, but only have terrestrial photographs. This was one of the main reasons I purchased a drone, so that I could view these sites from a higher vantage point, so it looks as though I will be off around the country again.
If you are interested in the above, pop along to my YT channel and subscribe as there will be more of the same coming in the future.


Hi @Mavic2Pro

I’ve edited your post so the YouTube video shows a pretty preview.

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Nice video

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Thanks for the info Chris, and the comment.

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Thats just EXCELLENT !!! :+1:
Living where I do on Anglesey I am surrounded by Neolithic remnants, standing stones & burial chambers, so I appreciate your interest. Great filming to show the entire hill top in its geographical context. VERY interesting.

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Thank you very much for your comment. It makes getting up worth it. I was out at 3am this morning for a long drive this morning and I think you might like. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days or so or sub to my YT channel to be informed.

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Thank you Joe and Shaenh.

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I fly my model gliders here but not my drone as it’s not allowed and I don’t want to F it up for the glider guys who’ve flown here for 50 years or more with no troubles. Wouldn’t it be a shame if they were stopped because of drone users.

You are allowed to fly there but not with powered craft. So you can fly perfectly legally at White Horse but with the correct equipment. The warden there does come and check we are insured etc so they are about on the lookout.

I was flying there a few weeks ago in a 14-18 mph NW’rly and two drones showed up and flew right in the lift zone where there were aerobatic gliders soaring. One of the gliders nearly took a drone down. The gliders are heavy and FAST.

I love my drone but cringe at what’s happened to model aircrafts since the advent of drones which are still the new kids in the block but have caused more problems in a few years than gliders have caused in half a century.

In my defence, I was there at 5.15 in the morning and there was not a soul about.

I agree that some drone flyers are irresponsible but I disagree that any one group of recreational flyers has the sole ‘right’ to fly in certain areas.

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This is covered in the NT byelaws though sadly, a copy of which are stuck up at the gates. I know this spot well as it’s only a few miles from me. Your other big danger in Oxfordshire is Red Kites who nest in the trees at Uffington. They really hate drones.

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I will take issue with your points Lee.

I did not take off from or enter through the gates. I took off from public land next to the site. I will not get into any discussion regarding NT byelaws as this has been discussed many times on this site and the vast majority of people have the same conclusion. They have no basis in law as confirmed by the CAA (search for the thread if interested as the subject is discussed at length).

With regard to your other point, I also live in a small village in Oxfordshire. Surrounding the village is open farmland and countryside and, to my certain knowledge, there are at least a dozen Red Kites in the surrounding area (beautiful birds - one of which can be seen in a short video on this site), none of which has ever appeared to have been bothered by my drone in their vicinity. Occasionally they will come across and have a look and then quickly lose interest and carry on with their day. I have certainly never witnessed any being frightened by the drones. They hate the crows more than anything else. Perhaps we should ban crows from flying!


Ok, that’s a bit of an over reaction. I didn’t say the kites are scared I said they hate drones. They’ve come after me more than any other bird.

That’s just the way the rules are… Whoever sets them, however they set them. It’s not about right really as you have the ‘right’ to fly there - without spinning props. You can even fly your paraglider there too :grinning:

If you set off from outside the NT land then it’s legal I think so who cares.

My only worry is if it effects other users that have been there for 50 years or more.

It’s a bit like a jet ski tearing through a sailing regatta and then claiming ocean rights

No it’s not.

A drone flying through a load of gliders in flight might be similar.


Yeah that’s what I meant. In reference to my post above.

I was thinking - Sleaford Mods showing up at The Last Night Of The Proms :joy:

But they wouldn’t, like I’m certain any of the members here wouldn’t take off with other aircraft anywhere near

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Any powered craft always has to give right of way to sailing craft too - unless restricted in its ability to move. :+1:t3: Peace

Who knows - anyone, anywhere can sign up here. Like any forum.