Uffington Castle and White Horse - Neolithic & Iron Age

Hi All,
This is one of the videos I took when visiting Uffington yesterday morning. Some of the photos, if you are interested are to be found here;

I hope you enjoy. Prehistory fascinates me and I have been to many sites, but only have terrestrial photographs. This was one of the main reasons I purchased a drone, so that I could view these sites from a higher vantage point, so it looks as though I will be off around the country again.
If you are interested in the above, pop along to my YT channel and subscribe as there will be more of the same coming in the future.


Hi @Mavic2Pro

I’ve edited your post so the YouTube video shows a pretty preview.

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Nice video

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Thanks for the info Chris, and the comment.

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Thats just EXCELLENT !!! :+1:
Living where I do on Anglesey I am surrounded by Neolithic remnants, standing stones & burial chambers, so I appreciate your interest. Great filming to show the entire hill top in its geographical context. VERY interesting.

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Thank you very much for your comment. It makes getting up worth it. I was out at 3am this morning for a long drive this morning and I think you might like. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days or so or sub to my YT channel to be informed.

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