Unable to download DJI Fly app

good evening.i am trying to open [download] dji fly app for i phone but i keep geting this account not in this store your account is not valid for use in the uk store. you must switch to the u.s. store before purchasing.this is doing my head in just to get the fly app, all help will be gratfully received. will check in tomorrow in going to bed

iOS or Android

iOS I reckon Steve

Hi Phil
I assume that you are attempting to download the DJI Fly app from the App Store ??
As far as I am aware this should just download without issue in my experience.
Can you please let us know what model of iPhone you have and what IOS version you are running.
I don’t honestly know if this will make any difference to your issue, but we have to start somewhere.
There are plenty of clever people on here with vast levels of experience with Apple and also App knowledge and other IT skills who should be able to help you.
Hope you manage to get it sorted.

Are you using a vpn when downloading the app?

This is the link, try this


Assuming that you are trying to download from the App Store - it would appear you have an account registered in the USA not UK. You can change to UK account by following the instructions here …

thank you one and all for your advise. will now go and try it out ta.

thank every one,now if i was a teenager it would have been done in a jiffy. i must be getting old Lol