Unable to play embedded videos on this site


@PingSpike A quick question ,but if i try and play vids that are embedded in a post from youtube all i get is a loading circle and the vid wont play,but if i click watch on youtube it plays no problem?is this just me,or is it a glitch? (probably just me)!! does not really matter as i watch all my vids full screen anyway…:+1:

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Do you have an example? I’ve never had that problem.


ANY video on the forum,from you tube does not matter which one they all do it for me,if i try to play the vid on the forum page?




standard windows 10 pc …


Then I’m not sure. I have a bog standard Win10 laptop - no issues in Edge/Chrome/Firefox/IE.


probably just my end then,but,really doesn’t:+1::+1: matter as i can can watch just fine on youtube…


Got an adblocker installed Tony? It might just be that.

Sorry, I don’t have a Win10 machine here in order to test.


Could this possibly help ?:


*assuming youre using Chrome of course :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an Adblocker and it doesn’t stop them playing, using Chrome btw


I had that happen and I think it turned out to be silverlight disable that and see


Silverlight on my laptop (Thanks, SkyGo!), and no issues.


yeh mine was ok till it installed a silverlight update but after a reboot it behaved