Unable to Self unlock - DJIFlySafe

Morning all,

Have a flight planned which is just outside a FRZ/RPZ and I have spoken to the aerodrome and have permission.

However the self unlock page won’t let me select it to unlock it, I have managed to do an altitude zone which was close by but this won’t select.

I wonder if this is one you can unlock on the ground, I don’t however want to get there and not be able to.

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You unlock those “enhanced” areas at the time of take off there, Chris.

Enhanced Warning Zones. In these Zones, you will be prompted by GEO at the time of flight to unlock the zone using the same steps as in an Authorization Zone, but you do not require a verified account or an internet connection at the time of your flight.

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Was just me being thick then thank you buddy :slight_smile:


So it would appear Kenley is a problem for DJI devices.

Has 3 DJI geo zones, DJI want you to get permission in writing to get a custom unlock. .

The numbers in the AIP are incorrect.

Managed to get DJI to unlock it saying I had verbal permission from Redhill (a protected aerodrome) they were quite accommodating.

Was going to add the location to drone scene don’t think I will now :rofl:

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