Unbind Mavic 2 using DJI GO 4 App

Could someone please give me an idiots guide to unbinding my Mavic 2 drone using DJI GO 4 App as I am really struggling to find the Profile > Device Management > Account & Device > Remove device from this account

I can’t even find anywhere which says “Profile”


Mavic 2 and previous generations don’t need unbinding.

Binding was only introduced when the Mavic Mini and DJI Fly app were launched.

There’s nothing you need to do :slight_smile:


I can’t thank you enough. Been getting really stressed!!

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Drones that use the DJI GO3, GO4, and Pilot app don’t support binding.

Drones that use the DJI Fly and Pilot 2 app do support binding.

Stress not :slight_smile:

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What about my old DJI mavic mini which I fly using DJI Fly?

Will need binding / unbinding.

How do I do that using controller/phone rather than the remote controller?


Yeah the status of that hasn’t changed in the last 18 hours :smiley: