Understanding the UK Drone Code 2021 and beyond Infographic

There was a comment somewhere deep in the thread about the new rules which asked if there was a simple graphic which summarised the new regulations. It didn’t seem that one existed, so I took the initiative to make one.

With a debt of gratitude to @kvetner for his help in reviewing this and his suggestions, you can view it below or download it (pdf and jpg) from here: Dropbox - DroneRegs - Simplify your life

It’s not intended to be entirely comprehensive as there was a balance to be struck between over-complicating things while still getting as much information included as possible. The new Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Good 2 Go - Can I fly my drone here? is a great place to validate your plans in more detail than I was able to present in this document.

Remember this only covers the regulations in relation to flight, you still need to ensure you don’t endanger people or property and consider any privacy issues.

The dropbox link has full-size versions which are easier to read than the in-line attachment below.


Thanks for your hard work in producing this graphiic, it certainly helps to clarify the rules as they are now and up to 31 Dec 2022.

For now it would be beneficial to have the A2 CofC, but after 31 Dec 2022 it seems I would revert back to what I am now without the A2 CofC. So the question is whether to bother doing it or not? Do you know what happens after 31 Dec 2022, what would one have to do to be able to do what you can now with the A2 CofC?

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As I understand it, the A2 CofC allows you to fly in the A1 and A2 sub catagorys with a C1 or C2 drone. So basically yes your current drones will revert to A3 only, but should you go on to buy a C1 or C2 marked drone then you will need an A2 CofC to operate them in A1 A2 conditions after 2022.

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Very good job on the graphic Chris :slight_smile: nice one

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@chris Marvellous job on the graphic. Another useful resource for these needing more clarity.

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Jeez dude, there’s some smart people on here but no time travelers! :upside_down_face:

Ahem, seriously, what happens is either that we all buy amazing new drones (this was always the not-so-secret plan), or the CAA will be getting one massive petition to extend the date.

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@chris Love the infographics! If only the CAA were in the market for a simple one page explanation …

PS: PDFs can be attached directly to posts.

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Thanks. Here’s the PDF as well in case people would prefer to download from here instead of the Dropbox link.

Understanding the UK Drone Code 2021 and beyond Infographic.pdf (1.8 MB)

Very interesting topic been looking at this
At the moment I’m at the mock exam stage on the A2 cofc but also seen info about article 16 it’s worth looking at its base on hobby flying only
PS nice chart

Many thanks for this, can I ask you for some comments, where an individual already has a PFCO, issued by CAA, and has commercial insurance. and then the last 2 parts would be to fly a P4P or a Mini with this qualification

I didn’t add commercial operations on to the graphic as it added a layer of confusion, and I assumed those who were intending to fly commercially would already be well informed.


Excellent :+1:

Thats a great graphic, thank you.

I’ve printed it out as a reference to check on until the new reg’s are fixed in my mind

Looks good, and I like the traffic light coding. You might like to add this that I put together for some of the most common drones in use, as I know it’s now being used by one or two RAEs:-

Who are they @paul.wingfield ?

We’ll have to see if they want to use this too!

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