Unwanted slow panning

Maybe a silly question but here goes…
Had a few months experience now on the MP, nothing adventurous, using it for stills shots mainly, no problems that have frightened me (yet)…
Last few outings, I’ve noticed something odd. Having set up the view I want, I stay in place for a few shots, tweaking the exposure to ensure I get one that’s pretty well right. But while I’m sat in the hover, the machine is very slowly yawing to the right, really slowly so not a real problem for the camera, but definitely not staying locked on to heading. No it’s not in strong winds, yes it’s staying in GPS mode, yes I always do compass calibration before flying.
Is there some panning switch that I’ve inadvertently set, or some other setting that is wrong? Baffled really. Thanks for any thoughts.

Not that this helps you, but it shouldn’t pan.
If you look at this vid I posted, you can see it’s locked solid for the whole vid … and most of the 4th clip is sped up 4x, so locked fora lot longer than the vid.

I’ve got the same issue since the last update, it’s so slight that I easily compensate for it so I’ve been a bit lazy to deal with it. Try calibrating the sticks, and in fact I’ll do mine now while on the subject.

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I have the same problem, slow panning. Doesn’t do it when it’s taking panoramas so not a huge problem, I figured it would be a stick calibration issue but whenever I try to calibrate the sticks the process times out before I can finish it! Some issue there it would seem?

Are you sure it’s the drone and not the gimbal drifting? (which is quite likely)

Does it do it if powered up whilst on the ground?

Did the earth move for you? :tongue:

OK, thanks all. So far it looks like I’d better try stick calibration. Not ventured there before!

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Please let us know how you get on. I ‘may’ have the same issue

Mine does the same.

I noticed it when doing long exposures at night. I compensate with a tiny amount of stick input.

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Looks like it was indeed a calibration problem. Bunged it up at low altitude in the back garden to check the fault was still there - it was. Landed, switched off, went through Stick Calibration - ye gods what a palaver, never done this before, had about 6 attempts before I got it done before it timed out! Anyway there was a small tweak requested to the left stick. Took off again, and this time the heading was rock steady.
So thanks folks, a problem solved, for me at any rate. :smile:


Good news! :+1:

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Great news @marinemavic :smiley:

And thanks for coming back to give us an update, nice one :+1:

Good to hear, I will be testing mine over the weekend

Mine is the same, I’ll be doing the stick calibration today I think.