Uploading video to YouTube

Hi this is not about how to but more about can you?
So being keen on the hobby I’ve ordered the m2p and all the bits,
my plan was as a hobbyist to upload my vids to my YouTube site, but on the Icarus site they mention needing to have pfco to do this?
As a private pilot ( not flown for a few years now) I used to take photos and it was ok to post them on the web but it appears not from a drone :roll_eyes:
As much as I’m ok doing the pfco it’s a lot of red tape and cost added to the hobby.
Anyone have any clarification on this .

If you don’t intend to sell the footage at the time of recording it, you’re fine to upload to anywhere you like :+1:t2:

If you start the flight with the intention of making money on the back of it, that’s a whole other can of worms :slight_smile:

Gets nasty depending on where you are though. The CAA don’t see uploading to YT as a commercial activity, but if you’re in America the FAA does.

Wouldn’t some consistency be nice?

I watched a video last night about this and the guy had just spoken to the FAA and they said it’s ok to upload to YT.

Oh that’s good news. Can’t remember who I was talking to that said they didn’t like it. Makes my life easier - but then again I should have just gone and read the info on their website, like I did with the CAA. More fool me I guess.

I asked the same questions here and on Mavic pilots forum and as long as you are not a sponsored blogger or making money in other ways with your publications, you can easily upload on social networks.
Enjoy the experience with your M2P, it’s going to be great

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Apparently in the States it’s only an issue if you tick the box to monetise the video. No ads, no problem

What if I start the flight with no intention of making money, but suddenly change my mind after take off? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m very indecisive - it could happen a lot.

Edit: meant to quote this bit.

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I am assuming from you name that you are UK based.

I tried to get some clarification on this and you can see the response from CAA here When is a flying operation classed as commercial?

As has already been said, you are ok to make videos and use them for blogging on YouTube. This is also covered on the CAA regarding when flying is classed as commercial.

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That clears things up a bit then (caugh caugh) I won’t be worrying about uploading vids then,
So could this post be testimony for the caa that vids I do are not intended for profit lol.