Usb c sd card reader two way transfer for 2022 Apple iPad Pro

Can I kindly ask , the usb c sd card readers with other ports that plug into your I pad or whatever , I’m trying to find one that does two way data transfer but lets you charge the device your using at the same time , I’ve seen them , I’ve just been on Amazon I’m not sure if I’ve found the right one , does anyone kindly know of one or a link to one two way transfer and charge at the same time would be ace really appreciate any help thanks
I hope I’ve put this in the right thread :+1:t2:

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Something like this Richard?

Yes just like that and many thanks , I should have quoted it needs to support 2022 I pad pro , ever so sorry it doesn’t say that one does , I found one and now I can’t find it again , it’s gone from my browsing history :man_shrugging:t2:

Can’t find one for love nor money :grimacing: not even on apple , hmmmmm didn’t have a plan b as I thought these was easy to come by , everything is going to usb c these days otherwise I’ve got one but it’s not usb c…

I think the support refers to the 4k hdmi output rather than the card reader itself. But either way its from Amazon so you could try it and if no good send it back

Thanks @SirGunner