Using a different lens on a Zenmuse Z15 gimbal

The DJI Z15 gimbal is available in different suffixes -Z12N, Z15G for example, to accommodate different cameras, in this instance sony NEX-5 or Panasonic Lumix GH2.

The manual is very specific about camera and lens combination, tending to favour lightweight pancake primes.

Presumably this is to keep the C of G over the tilt axis of the gimbal.

So my question is - can you use a lens that weighs more and shifts the C of G forward if a corresponding balance weight is stuck behind the camera or are there other things to take into consideration such as overloading the tilt motor through increased inertia?

Unless you’re planning on using something extreme, I don’t see why not.

Granted not on the same scale as the Z15 but when changing lenses on the Zenmuse X5 you simply use and position a balance ring to even out the C of G for the combination of lens and hood that you’re using at the time.

Test on the bench first, you’ll soon hear a difference if the gimbal is straining :grimacing:

It’s just that the Z15 is older tech and the manual is definitely saying this canera and lens combo only whereas the X5 is an integrated camera, designed from the be used with interchangeable lenses and balance rings.

What I’m hoping to do is to use a Sony NEX-5 on the Z15 wwhich has a nice big APS-C sensor - bigger the better for sensors as far as I’m concerned.Recommended and only lens is the 16mm (24mm equivalent) f2.8

Now - if I can fit and balance the 18-55 it gives a 28-8- equivalency. which would be very usefulfor search and rescue…

Bench testing sounds good but I’m a wee bit impetuous and, besides, smoke clears more easily when the craft is in the air :slight_smile:

Indeed, but the principal is exactly the same?

Looking at Google Images for the Z15 can you spot anything that looks similar to what you want to do?

Iy’s going to have to be try it and hope. The X5 accepts a range of lenses and balance weights which implies the cofG is kept constabt abd the tilt motor is strong enough to cope with the heavier lenses - and it’s noy a vast range of weight.

I was just wondering whether it’s a motor issue, firmware or lack of imagination on DJI’s part that limits the gimbal to a specific camera lens combination.

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Have you got the Sony camera already? Or is this bit of a punt?

The list of “approved” lenses that work on the X5 is literally half the size of the list that actually work :slight_smile:

Bit like the current DJI Fly app, the list of approved devices it’s compatible with is, again, half the size of the list that actually works :slight_smile:

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I have the gimbal. And, as it is set for a NEX-5 and it seems to be a reasonable piece of kit and not oo expensive I thought I would get one.

The gimbal GCU is cabled to am A2 flight controller so all should work reasonably well together.

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