Using a DJI Mini 2 in the wind

I have the Mini 2 which can be flown in winds of up to 10.5 m/s. The forecast for my area this afternoon is for 8m/s and gusts up to 14m/s. I reall want to get some flight time in but not sure I want to risk losing it. Should I go and find some woods to fly about in where there is some shelter or should I go for it?
Experience from other Mini 2 users would be most welcome.


Bite the bullet…make a decision. :rofl:

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I’m going to head out and have a play!!! I will however take some camera gear with me in case it gets any worse, at least that way I wont have travelled for nowt.

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If you’re worried keep it low, fly into the wind and don’t let the battery get too low :+1:t3:


Keep it low. If it things the winds are too strong you get a warning to return home.

I flew yesterday with a Mini 2 and had gusts over over 15 - no warnings and no issues at all.

I went out and the wind stopped, then it started raining ffs!!!


Welcome to the world of drone flying. Think I had to wait a week or so before I get mine outdoors!

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In the manual on page 68, it will tell you about the key combination on the controller to turn the drone upside down to prevent water from getting into the motors.

To be fair I have actually managed out quite a bit, nothing adventurous though, just practising. I have though managed to get some decent video of the machines I have been installing at a customers site. It’s surprisingly easy to fly inside a nice big factory.
Wind and rain have dropped and stopped so I’m off for a buzz around the garden, I’ll hopefuly miss that bloody tree this time!!!


My rule of thumb, what is the maximum speed of your drone?? If the wind is gusting above or near to the maximum speed of your drone, NO FLY. If the wind is gusting say 4 mph below the maximum speed of your drone, GO FLY. Always go out into the wind so you can return to home with the wind, never use RTH as this will lower the maximum speed of your drone and always monitor the wind direction (as it can change in a blink) and your battery life. If the wind suddenly gets up and changes direction, lower altitude and fly it home in a crisscross pattern across the wind direction.

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I have been really impressed with how the Mini 2 handles in wind. Like others have mentioned, start off low and slow.

Thanks for all the info and replies, much appreciated.
I shouldn,y really have worried so much, I was still getting some quite good gusts but the mini2 never batted an eyelid. I am really surprised that such a small and lightweight drone can handle the wind.

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I was up at Kylesku Bridge in the Scottish Highlands last Tuesday with my Air 2, it was blowing 15 m/s and more, and this bloke rocked up with his mini 2 and never flinched flew the drone, did pictures and a video, I was amazed it did not go tits up, landed the drone jumped in his van and off he went after 15mins, never even entered my mind to fly mine in them speeds

A phrase I remember seeing when I was new to flying was ‘if you can still stand up, it’s safe to fly’, but the rule I tend to use is fly into the wind going out, so you can always* get back.

I’ve flown in fairly windy conditions a few times now, and have had some high wind warnings. They do freak me out, but using the out and back rule has always kept things ok.

I suppose the question is why you want to fly when it’s windy? Mine were to photograph windsurfers and sailing boats, but for anything static, I go another day. For me, it’s more about the light anyway.

Its called British Weather…Lol…You cant win :umbrella:

I suggest that you practice in a large clear area such as a pitch or playing field rather than woods, because if the drone is blown into trees you may not be able to get it back. Fly into the wind, make sure you keep it clearly in view because in really gusty conditions you may, as I did yesterday, get a warning that the drone was unable to return to home automatically because of high winds. keep an eye on the battery level too. Good luck have fun.

Anywhere but the woods, lots to hit and easy to lose close!
Good luck.

Should read VLOS!

I watched a young bloke fly his mini 2 at Kykesku Bridge in the Highlands last week in nearly 30mph winds, never batted an eyelid, I went back 2 days later to fly my Air 2