Vandalian Tower, South Harting, Hants - Added to Monuments in South East

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

The Vandalian Tower is a monument to failure. Vandalia was a colony planned to thrive in what is now Kentucky but politics prevented its survival. It is rumoured locally that Emma Hamilton would watch for the return of her lover Lord Nelson's fleet from the tower but there must be far better posirions to look out to Spithead and the Solent.

From South Harting head for Chichester on the B2141. Between 1905 and 1924 hill climbs were held regularly at South Harting, I think that this road may have been the one used.
Near the summit is a National Trust car park for Harting Down. There is a discreet noticed that I only saw when leaving saying that you can pay by phone or internet. I haven;t investigated further. Go into the car park as far as you can and go left down toward the road. Park and walk north toward the finger post showing the route of the South Downs Way. Walk left toward the road and cross carefully.

Good walking boots would be useful. You will be walking in an old wood with plenty of fallen branches, leaf mould and fallen whole trees. Stay on the path for around 110 metres and look for the trace of a pathway climbing up through the trees to the open space. It may be an idea to place a marker at the point you emerge from the trees as an easy way to find your way back.

Walk uphill on the mown strip with the fence to your left. There were sheep in the field when I went, dogs are best left at home. Pick a spot for TOAL and make sure the home is properly recorded at the start of the mission, you are operating fairly close to trees.

Uppark House and some of the land to the west of the tower is National Trust - the tower area is NOT!

The tower is a shadow of its former self and, although you can get low over and into it it's the views of the Hampshire and West Sussex countryside that makes this agood place to fly.

The originator declared that this location was not inside a Flight Restriction Zone at the time of being flown on 01/09/2020. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying at the same location.


Robert, thanks for adding to the DroneScene map.

I’ve flown here too @macspite :grin:

I’ve flown here too @macspite :grin:

However, I cut it very short as I kept getting greeted by a chinook, I also checked drone scene this morning & whilst I was here, I see no restrictions in place or neither temporary, :grimacing:

Hi Richard,

The military tend not to bother us mere mortals with things like NOTAMs, they just fly where they bloody well like!

At least a Big Windy gives adequate warning of its approach unlike some of the smaller stuff which is on you before you know it. It’s a bit of a problem here on Hayling, there is often a fleet of helos on exercise dropping into Thorney Island, north-east of me. It’s not a problem while flying a drone though, they normally thunder overhead my house about an hour before dawn!

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I found it quite amazing to watch rob, not the hazards !,
I was well prepared for that, but at first I nearly got caught short so to speak, I heard nothing then it came over this hill sooooo low, it was like something out of a Rambo movie :sweat_smile:
So I didn’t launch the drone until they’d done what ever they were doing & long gone, I was quite happy watching them, so I thought quick up with the drone take shots ears open & get it back down, all was ok but I’d seen them prior in between finding the parking & finding the subject, hence why I checked & checked again, so I was prepared for any hazards to be fair.

I want to fly here @macspite, but there are no parking or take off and landing markers. Would you be able to add some to the map please?

This was done in the days before we had such things as TOAL and car park markers. Hence the long description of where to park and how to get to a TOAL :slight_smile: I say a TOAL rather than the TOAO because there are often alternatives although the place I selected is between two areas belonging to our dear friends the National Trust and seemed the logical place to use.

Map will be annotated within five minutes of posting this message :slight_smile:


For people worried about encountering military aircraft here, we can avoid that by calling them in advance and notifying them of the flight, at which point it gets entered into their National airspace conflict alert system and they will try and avoid the area for you, or if that is not possible they will at least be aware that you are flying there and may limit their canopy level shenanigans ! RAF Safety centre 0800 515544

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The TOAL point is I believe on private land.

Just for info only, not drone police.

The TOAL point was placed in a hurry as I had a lot going on elsewhere when the request for a visual rather than a description came through. I didn’t zoom right in and as a result it shows as a couple of feet inside a fence instead of a couple of feet outside it.

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