VelociDrone Scenery - Matlock Bando

An experiment that got out of hand and ate up my Sunday. :flushed:

I’ve used map editors for games before, so it didn’t take too long to get to grips with it but the lack of decent objects to build with is severely limiting. Also, not being able to change the texture of an object once created means I just decided to live with my early poor choices rather than fix them.

Had to make the video with a whoop because I tend to smash anything more powerful within seconds. :laughing:


Thats awesome Jez! Great flying and the map design is excellent :ok_hand:t2:

Nice track, I will download it later today!

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You’ll have a job, I haven’t uploaded it. :slight_smile:
I’m out for the evening now but I’ll make the track file available soon.

Now I’ve got this far with it I’d like to make it a little more presentable before going public.


@andreab Did a bit of tinkering. You can grab the track file here, hopefully.

Getting frustrated by the lack of correct textures, some useful shapes (discs and wedges) and more accurate reference material. I guess I’ll have to go back. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to giving this a go Jez.

And then hopefully in person in the coming weeks!

Well, if only I’d thought to look for something like this earlier. I feel a major update coming on. :slight_smile:

I just wish there was a red brick texture available in the editor.

Big update.

Still not bang on, but a bit closer to reality. Quite a few more details added and I have bothered to try and use better textures wherever possible.

If any of you downloaded the track file you might want to grab it again.


I thought I’d try a little sim vs. real life thing with the clip Karl (@notveryprettyboy) posted when he added the site to

Yet more tweaking on the way methinks. :slight_smile:


I’m deffo gunna try this scenery!

Not the best flying weather today so I went for a walk with my camera, a notebook and a laser measure. :slight_smile:

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Thats alot of dead props :scream: lol where was it Jez?

I’m assuming the Matlock bando :rofl:

Bang on. :rofl:

Lol I didn’t realise Jez lived close to it :man_facepalming:

He lives in it mate. His misses kicked him out for spending money on quads

Been having a go on this today with the rubbish weather, great fun. Good work Jez!

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