Very late to the party,but have to say how great the Tello is!

Just bought a dji tello,and have to say this little drone rocks! Great little indoor flyer,and even better with the new app TELLO FPV. Great when the weathers crap to get a flying fix.:+1::+1:


I have one as well, but the video quality is not very good plus it jumps.

I agree the TelloFPV app is much better than the original Tello app, its even better using the GameSir controller with it. It has a built in clip to hold your phone.

I was flying it out near the river at Christchurch one time and a little Jack Russell was chasing it around barking at it. Then its owner called it over, but when I was bringing it in to land the Jack Russell leapt into the air and caught it in it’s mouth, dropped it pretty quickly and ran back to it’s owners who were very apologetic. The dog was fine and the Tello was fine, a prop had come off but found it on the grass.

So have had quite a lot of fun with it.

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