Very new to this forum I thought I would show off favourite picture

Hi everyone. These pictures are just outside a place called Warburton and it shows a very straight section of the Manchester Ship Canal. The bridge in the background is the Thelwall Viaduct and the ship coming down was just by total luck.


Very nice, I feel it would have benefitted from being a little off-set so that it wasn’t perfectly central though? I appreciate you are new to this though. Food for thought?

That might also trigger some people’s OCD. :grin:

Ha! I hadn’t thought of that! :joy:

Really nice pictures Gavin! :smiley:

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Thanks @BeltandBraces to be honest I was so shocked and excited that a ship was coming down I’m surprised any of them came out.

Great shot

Great pictures

Don’t forget to add to Dronescene that you have also flown here as well :wink:


I can just imagine your enthusiasm and worry! You need more faith in the tech company’s abilities now, lovely sharp shots :+1:

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I especially like the second photo with the bow wave disturbing the still water in front of it, and the change in tone of the water towards black in the foreground. I also find the way the canal disappears to a fine point in the far distance rather satisfying ! I’m glad it’s central, it appeals to something in my brain!

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I have to say…the 2nd shot is superb. I like the central line running of to the horizon.

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Very nice

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Nice shot!

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