VESA Certified Display Port

My display Port cables arrived yesterday, fitted them late around 1:00am, fired up the editor, loaded a clip I’d saved.

Well there was a difference between the two monitors, the clip looked fine over HDMI on the old 1080p but on the 4K monitor over Display Port, the colours were noticeably different especially the sky which had shifted more in to aquamarine.

I’ll test a few more clips from previous drone footage to fully establish the difference if any…

Thanks for reading my post, here’s a clip for you entertainment if you got bored…over Display Port

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Via different ports can itself change the colours. Even on my TV, one of the HDMI ports causes a slight change compared to the other two.
You probably need to recalibrate the monitor over Display Port, and then see if the colour is as it was via HDMI.

I did find my monitor was on the RED side by 3 points, this was only because I couldn’t get the White Balance correct. I’ll have to start all over again though I’m not going to be obsessed with it too much, I know where it will lead, chasing my tail…


One day I’ll get a serious monitor.

That comes after a serious video editing computer.

That comes after I complete my house renovation.

That probably comes shortly after I die.


It’s all about learning for me, and once I’m happy with my interpretation of what’s good I move on to the next class…:rofl:

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Did you buy it from a local pet shop…:thinking:

I can now attest to the fact the VESA verified Display Port cables do exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve had a clip off the inspire from last year colour graded at last.

The clip was near impossible to get right for White balance, shot without ND filters, just ISO, Shutter and Aperture.

My monitor was very very slightly in the Red which I previously ignored, the DP cable made this glaringly obvious, I’ve been able to apply the Inspire X5S Dlog to Rec 709 LUT at 100% without going over the acceptable boundaries.

In my opinion the cable is worth it for both Drone and Gaming…eyes opened, new lesson learnt

My laptop had a couple of DP out sockets … but I’ve nothing to plug the other end of a cable into. :rofl:

Why didn’t you buy a laptop without a DP socket instead….:rofl:

Would have made more sense without something to connect it to. :rofl: