Viaducts to video

Gents Im looking to photograph and video a viaduct can anyone recommend…I live around Wirral but dont want to travel anymore than say 50 miles.

Well, the list just goes on really :blush:

I’ve not checked the distances from you though…

Take a look at this one @barry as I only read the first few pages:

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Hi Rich
many thanks for the information that’s great, just need some decent weather now to fly in.

Of those, Castlefield Viaducts are in a congested area so definitely not suitable for most drone fliers. There’s a nice railway viaduct over the River Weaver at Frodsham, but I don’t know about accessibility. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is within 50 miles, but you don’t need to travel that far.

Sankey Viaduct is worth a look, you could park at Sankey Canal Car Park and walk across. I’m hopefully going to do precisely that this weekend!

Also, it’s not very pretty but there’s always the Bidston Moss Viaduct closer to home, near the Wallasey B&Q. From google maps, you could park on Mosslands Drive and follow the footpath under the viaduct through to Bidston Moss park, I don’t know about any local restrictions.

And … also not visually exciting but the Mersey Gateway North Approach Viaduct should be ok to capture from Spike Island (park at Catalyst car park, Widnes), and if you’re interested in the birthday photo competition, there are some other relevant things nearby …


thanks for the info Its much appreciated I shall take a look at some of these.


Hi @barry - I visited Sankey Viaduct this morning, parking is easy, it’s about a 10-15 minute walk to the viaduct and there’s a handy grassy area away from the main path where I could fly pretty much undisturbed. See The Grey Arrows 2nd Annual Birthday Competition

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Hi Kvetner
Thanks for the information and a good video that shows off the size of the viaduct i will have to check it out its on my list.

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