Vibration board replaced but getting warnings

Hi all, me again!
I had a minor low speed very low height crash with my Mavic pro 2017.
I was advised to replace vibration board as it had actually broken where camera connects with two small screws.
I followed YouTube DIY from Fixa-crash, checked cabling all appeared intact, yet I power on drone and get warning messages as per photo.
Any suggestions or can someone fix it for me please !!! Begging as I’m missing flying.
Thanks in advance.

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OK - taking those in turn …

Gimbal Gyroscope Error.

That will be the video cable (the multi stranded round cable that threads its way to the camera). The gyro is located behind the camera.

That can be one of three things :

  • The cable has been damaged
  • The connector onto the control board hasn’t seated correctly
  • The connector onto the control board is damaged (as seen in that other thread I pointed you too the other day).

Forward left vision sensor error

This will be the left of the two connectors at the front of the control board not seated correctly or damaged connector. Most likely the former.

Vision system error.

This will probably relate to the sensor error. Once that is sorted, this one should also clear.

Those little connectors are tricky to get back in place, but (particularly the sensor connectors) they do seat with a satisfying little click when they do.

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This was the connector damage I referred to in the other thread - although (as you’ll know by now) this is one of the rear connectors onto the control board.

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As a tip - it is possible to power up everything to check for errors - before fully fitting the top-shell.

With the GPS cable reconnected, and the top shell still lose, you can slip a battery into position.

Saves having to remove all the screws and spudge the shell apart again.

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Thank you again. I did get that satisfying click on all 4. Could the fact I had to remove rubberised glue have anything to do with it?
I will take apart again And try. Your help is invaluable, many thanks.

That stuff is rather everywhere!! I used a nice pointed plastic tool to get every bit of the stuff out from the connectors to ensure they went back with good contact.
A magnifying glass with illumination is almost essential to be thourough.

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True ! It took me forever. Thanks

I have gone through the advice again, and triple checked all connections and refitted the board etc three times. I am still getting all the warnings !
I think I may have to bite the bullet and send it off :slightly_frowning_face: anyone give me details of a good repair person please ?

Does the gimbal initiate OK and point in the correct direction/orientation?

My next step would be replacing the video cable to resolve the gimbal gyro issue. That could easily have been damaged in the incident since the gimbal was so detached from the anti-vibration board.
They are a lot easier to replace than the ribbon cable. :+1:

I’d get a spare ribbon cable too. Just in case.

Left sensor? They can be purchased too.

Pretty much all ebay items, unfortunately, that you may be lucky to get from the UK which makes it quicker than the multitude of Chinese sources.
Cables: make sure that you get “new”! The sensor I’d not be too concerned if used.
Beware the Chinese sellers that pretend to be in the UK - although some seem to be a sensible speed. You just can’t tell in advance.

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Just remembered that I got new ribbon and video cables via Amazon UK.

Some people called Rantrow sell through them :

Ribbon cable

Video cable

I’ve also just noticed that the same people have the forward sensors, too.

If all that doesn’t sort it - then the only thing remaining is the control board above the gimbal mount. There’s a chance that if the ribbon/video cable might have tugged on their connectors damaging the board part.

Depends on how much you want to continue your mission versus how much you want to spend getting someone to do it for you.

As for who to go to for a repair … check the #members-only category - there are a couple of people that GADC have discount arrangements with, and I also recall someone recommended AB Repair ( ).

No experience myself of getting someone to repair. Done all my own. :wink:

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I’ll check the members only area. I could buy the cables you’ve mentioned and have seen them on Amazon. To be fair Amazon delivered the vibration board next day and it’s genuine DJI. I’m just not feeling confident I can fix it myself.

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I’m a bit too far away to lend a hand … or I’d happily do so.

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Thanks not a problem.
Anyone in the Cardiff or south wales/Bristol area on here that can fix MP please ??

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