Video file recovery

Can anyone suggest a free or inexpensive method of recovering a 4K MP4 video from my DJI Mini 2 please. The last video file on the SD card will not play. I accidentally turned off the drone without stopping the recording. I have tried a few online video recovery sites with poor results. I believe the file is recoverable with the correct software. I have a MacBook Pro and a Window 10 laptop available. Many thanks.

The method that has been best at recovering these is to put the card back in the drone, switch everything back on and download the full resolution version from the drone to your device using the app - and then transfer to your computer.

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You don’t need software. All that has happened is that the video file has not been finalised by the camera. Put the card back in the drone and start a new recording, the camera will finalise the file before it starts the new recording.


@Drumsagard if that’s not worked try, repair it wondershare, it costs to fully unlock. You can repair and view a low res preview then they slam you for the payment for the full licence. I think $50

I can confirm that this method worked for me.

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Always works for me.

Thank you all for the replies. Excellent advise. I have copied the damaged file from the Mini 2 to my iPhone and Airdropped it to my Mac.

Untrunc does this for free with a very high sucsess rate, you’ll need the unfinished video and another video from the drone which isn’t truncated

Putting it back in the drone and switching it back on again does it for free with a 100% success rate … without the “you’ll need the unfinished video and another video from the drone which isn’t truncated” faff, too.

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What for? :man_shrugging: The file isn’t damaged. As I said, it just wasn’t finalised in the drone. You wouldn’t believe the number of times we do this at weddings due to time constraints. It’s no big deal, just start recording a new file and the old one is fine.


Well - the solution is the same, really … the “putting it back in the drone and switching it on” being the fundamental part.

A loooooooong time ago I “discovered” the “putting it back in, switching on, and copying to the device via the app” route by accident - and have tended (as in my reply initial reply) to re quote it.

My reason for going that route initially was that without a cached version on my device, the fact that I was able to play the vid from the drone via the app meant at least it could read the file.
Copying it to the device via the app then ensured a sound second copy … since, until you took it out the device and checked if you could read it, you didn’t really know whether …

  • you would be able to read it from card on your computer, or
  • (more importantly) if you put it back in your drone again that you’d be able to recover it the next time.

So - a bit of a guarantee, I guess. And, unlike some people :eyes:, I’ve actually never made this mistake myself … my “discovery” was talking another member through the issue - way back.

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