VideoProc Vlogger - New Free video editing software

Thought this was interesting


This videeo was reframed in Insta Studio and the clips put together and sound track added in Video Prog, I have had it for a few weeks. If you have used Premier this will be easy to get on with, obviously not as comphrehensive as premier but certainly good enough that I am thinking of cancelling my Premier subscription.

Yeah it looks well. Haven’t downloaded it yet tho. I get the full Adobe package free with work ATM. So I’ll keep using it until I get taken off the license😝

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Thank you for sharing! I use Adobe Premier Elements, however I like how this one allows you to import LUTS. I will be playing around with it!

Thank you,
I’ve downloaded it and it’s excellent :pray:

Very interesting! :slight_smile:

I use Resolve which is extreme overkill for the simple trim, add music and titles and render videos I occasionally make. This looks to be a decent, simpler substitute so it is now downloaded and being played with.

Good find, thank you!

Will give it a try. Not done video editing yet so I hope it’s intuitive.

Good find. I had Resolve on my laptop but it’s a huge file so it didn’t leave much room on my meagre SSD for saving the videos as well. This looks more my level of need. Cheers.

And with the money you saved by an external SSD ;o)

I use Hitfilm Express… I tried Resolve and could not get on with it.

There’s only a couple of things I’d like in Hitfilm Express that I don’t have:

  1. good colour grading
  2. good clip management

It’s possible to sort of do both in Hitfilm Express, but they feel clunkly.

If this software gives either then it interests me… if not I’ll stick with Hitfilm Express.

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Checked software out,a lot better than what I have.Will certainly be using

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For people who are still searching, this is definitely worth a look.

Hi Diveuk, Downloaded onto my Mac Desktop works absolutely perfectly. I tend to use Lumafusion on my iPad Mini and Adobe on my Mac but Adobe is quite a complex learning curve. Video Prog is ideal and has a great amount of content, I love the revers clip capability and all the free Luts and Music. Brilliant & Thank You for finding and recommending this Package to Members. Don’t forget to join to receive the code to give you free access. Yes it is Free no tricks or catches. Nigel G

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DiveUK, Is this clip, a GoPro or Insta 360? As it doesn’t look like drone footage. Have you any clips with Drone footage edited using VideoProc Vlogger? Kind Regards Nigel G

Its Insta but drone footage would be no different editing wise.

Thank You

Tried it on some Mini 2 footage. no colour or exposure correction - auto white balance, auto exposure


Is that THE Mini 2? Looking good…

It is. Very pleased with the quality from the aircraft. Not so happy with DJI Fly. I’ll stick to Litchi from now on

I’m having a bit of trouble with VP Vlogger’s transitions. Trying to add to another piece of video and they will go into position but duration is set at 0.067 seconds and neither the duration slider nor the digits box can be altered. Just get a red box saying max duration 0.06 seconds. The default time set for transitions in the main settings box is 4 seconds.

A PITA - and I don’t think it is a PEBKAC :slight_smile:

Finally getting to grips with flying. I tried editing my visit to Paper Mill lock with the Videoproc Vlogger software. Personally it has much more than iMovie and is pretty straight forward to use. The quality is much better than it shows on here I think because of compression ? Thank you for sharing.