VR Motion chair build

Not sure if I’ll get this working, but I’m starting to try to build a chair that will move as I fly a plane. A simulator chair.
I’ll be trying to do this as cheap as possible too.
I have a couple of wheelchair motors, but no gearboxes. But I have some pneumatic rams, pneumatic controller and a compressor so hopefully they can be a starting point.
If you’ve tried this before, how did you get on?


I’m getting the popcorn to follow your progress…:grin:


I assume you’ve found this place… I toyed with the idea of buulding something for sim racing, but haven’t really got the time or the space.

Motion Simulator Community - Tutorials construction plans and DIY Kits (xsimulator.net)


Very interesting :star_struck: Hope you get this figured out mate :crossed_fingers:t2:

“found this”

Check out the Amiga 500


Whats running the software?

The latency on that second one you could measure with a calendar…

Did you notice the Amiga 500, that’s how far back it goes, mine had 512Mb of memory…

Amiga 500…

No whats Karl @notveryprettyboy thinking of using

Yeah… I know exactly how long ago that was. This is me with an Atari STacy

I haven’t got that far yet. The pneumatic controllers are just signal controlled. I guess it could just be run from an arduino connected to one of my crossfire receivers.

You could pull these signals from your CRSF transmitter telemetry, via BT or WiFi link, and use that Arduino to move the pneumatics accordingly.
The signals are probably present on your tracker connection as well

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I’ll be getting the mechanics sorted first. I think that will be the hardest part for me.
I saw a go-cart seat at the car boot today. I should have got it. It’ll need to sit on some sort of ball joint in case the rams wont fully take my weight or are too sloppy with weight

Nice, following with interest. I’m in teh process of building a sim rig at the moment for car racing. Don’t have the space, money or comitment to go full motion though - kudos!

Take a look at this software:
It can hook into the APIs of various sims (including flight sims I think) andc oordinate sending the appropriate info to an arduino to control various hardware. I think it supports motion rigs. I used it to get feedback on when my wheels were locking up under hard braking and activate arduino controlled vibration motors attached to my brake pedal for a nice bit of haptic feedback.

I have the Sim3D pedal rumble kit. Bought the three pedal setup, but I’ve never really found a use for a vibrating clutch pedal!

Actually, looking at SimHub - it’s focussed mainly on driving sims and displays and haptic feedback stuff. You might want to also look at X-Sim which is free motion rig software and supports flight sims.

Lots of nerding involved by the looks of it! :smiley: