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so I’ve been reading online about drone footage in Snowdonia and other National parks in Wales. There are many restrictions especially from the national trust. It looks like all the main places that look amazing Restricted and either you can ask for permission or you can’t actually pursue the footage you want does anyone know how they can bypass this legally?

Another question was any tips on where I should be doing my drone footage in Wales I will be staying around Bangor but my main area visiting will be Snowdonia and possibly one of the beaches. Thank you In advance and appreciate all your help

Recently came back from holiday in Snowdonia National Park. To be honest I found no issues anywhere, fly from outside the NT boundaries and they have no power over you, even some of the locations I fly round I just found a discreet spot to TOAL from, kept my distance (due to size of drone). Even some of the coastal towns and castles accept drone will be flying around, follow the rules and don’t hit anything.

Just don’t TOAL from their land they cannot stop you flying over it but make sure your not breaking any laws from where you TOAL outside,

Check out where you want to fly on drone scene & follow the drone code & I see no problem,

That’s as good as anyone’s guess as different folks like different things I guess.

Just be carful of where they practice in the jet planes ie Mach loop etc, off the top of my head I’m sure there’s one in snowdonia if I can remember from when I was there, also another further south of wales, maybe someone with more knowledge can help further on that if not all but this would be my go to,
If you check out drone scene if not all ready it will give you a good inclination as to where & what if that makes sense.

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Mach loop and southern coastline is military. Airport over near Llanbedr

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You guys are absolute gentlemen! Thank you for the tips.

Are there signs on where the NT boundaries start from? I will double check dronescene for any other limitations but I was just worried about all the restrictions on their site.

Lovey tip you guys gave about TOAL outside of the NT boundary and I will be fine. My first time going there and still a newbie so appreciate all this and a little nervous too!

All on Drone Scene :+1:


I had a conversation with the military air traffic control about flying near to Llanbedr. They were quite relaxed, and just asked that I give them a quick call before a flight in the ‘red’ restricted area there.
The contact number etc is in DroneScene


Plan your timing to fly around less busy hours less interaction with busy-bodies too

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Thanks to your guys advice and encouragement I managed to get some decent footage and photos.

Here is my first post

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