Walkera Voyager 3

Hi does anyone no if the Walkera Voyager 3 is worth getting and what’s the price tag of a new battery

Personally, based on Walkera’s lack of success with prosumer drones, I would say no. The original a Voyager was very short lived due to problems in the power management systems and camera performance.

Even their attempts at consumer drones, such as the Vitus, was an unmitigated disaster, again due to poor camera performance but more worryingly the erratic and unpredictable flight behaviour.

If you’ve not been successful in finding a price for the battery think how hard it would be to find other replacement parts. Though it pains me to say so you would be much better off looking for an equivalent solution from DJI with the Inspire or Yuneec’s Typhoon H (Pro), both of which have a proven track record in the prosumer and professional world.



Hi Nidge thanks for your help and advice think I’ll stay away then and look for something else

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