Wallasea Island & Essex Marina

A few from yesterday mornings flight at Wallasea Island on the River Crouch in Essex. Apologies for the quality. Stills taken from the video as I always forget to take photos when flying :frowning:


Nothing wrong with those. I liked them anyway!

I agree nice photos …what are the crates

I believe they are old mooring floats before the walkway jetty/moorings you see here were built. I think they lined the riverbank all joined and the only way to get to your boat was by smaller boat from a slipway.

Hi Phil, nice area out there at Wallasey,
I miss it as I use to live in shoeburyness but know I’m in Cornwall, :+1:

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Lovely area. Incidentally, myself and @Spideog were out at Shoebury common this morning hooning around the area and along the foreshore.

East beach is usually busy , but going early there is best, there is some old gun placement’s along there👍

That’s where we were more or less, slightly East. 8.30am and it wasn’t that busy at that end. Pier end was by 8am.