Want to check DJI FPV drone-hack is applied?

I found this completely by accident. I happened to accidentally re-applied the 01.02.0015 firmware and had to rollback.

But after the rollback - I was curious what that “Unlock Geo Zone” was in the DJI Fly app. I figured without an internet connection the DJI Fly app couldn’t force a lock onto the drone.

  1. Put your device into airplane mode (Disable Wifi, Cellular & Bluetooth)
  2. Start the DJI Fly app.
  3. Clear cache (I’m not 100% sure this is needed - I did it to play double/triple safe before connecting)
  • Profile > Settings > Clear cache
  1. Power on Goggles & Drone
  2. Connect device (phone/tablet in airplane mode) to Goggles. The DJI Fly app, will not force an update.
  3. On DJI Fly app
  • Profile > Settings > Unlock Geo Zone > Aircraft unlocking Licenses

There you will see the Drone-Hacks hack applied.

It’s all on the Dronehacks web site

Aha! I’ll go and get my coat :slight_smile:


That’s my line. I guess I’m going to use…


…from now on.

I think we can all admit that at one time or other we’ve overlooked some details. I’m sure there’s a clause on my marriage certificate that says “No backsies”

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