Wanted - Atmel Atmega socket firmware flashing tool

Hoping one of you may have one of these in a drawer that’s not getting used! :crossed_fingers:
I need one to flash some ESC’s with Simonk firmware

I have looked everywhere (rocking horse shit comes to mind)



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Good luck Wayne, that might be hard to find. Hope you find one mate :crossed_fingers:t2: Anychance of making one? Are the connectors available anywhere?

Cheers Steve, I am also looking at making one, the problem is it’s small!

Yeah I see what you mean! Tiny! :grimacing: With a bit of luck one of the awesome members here will have one for you :crossed_fingers:t2:

This may be the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

That could be a good solution :+1:t2:

@Steviegeek have you ever come across one of these Atmega flashing tools?

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No Wayne
Sorry I haven’t, I’ve only ever needed to flash with USB adaptors, except for one occasion when the ESC had tiny pads next to the processor and I solder directly to those, this is going back a few years now :grinning:

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No pads on the board, so other than going straight onto the legs!

I will have a go at making one, I think that’s the only way to go :scream:

Thanks, Steve :+1:

Personally I’d try the legs, but it’s whatever YOU are comfortable with, good luck :+1::grinning:

One flashed, just need to test it :crossed_fingers: then the other 3 :grimacing:

Nice job Wayne :clap:t2: looks bloody difficult mate

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A bit late as you’ve flashed, I do have one in the rocking house shit draw….😵‍💫

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It’s given me a fooking headache!! Looks like it’s worked on one but to be honest I might just purchase a set already flashed

I made an adapter to start of with before they were readily available, a year later Hobby king started stocking them as everyone wanted Simon.K firmware.

I managed to brick one ESC while flashing with the commercial one….:roll_eyes: