Wanted DJI-RC-N1 controller - [SORTED]

Anyone got an N1 controller for sale?

Possibly selling ours. It came with a drone but I am always scared of breaking my phone screen dropping it so I never used it and got the screen one. Just put it safe and said, may come in useful one day but there is a drone that has come available that I really really want so tempted to sell. Just no idea what they are worth brand new. It has not even been connected to a drone lol.

@Foley Russ
TBH I have no idea on price all i can find is this advert on Heliguy albeit an ‘open box’ it is new but they don’t have any. (typical)

So i’d be looking around that area. Name your price.

If that is the price they are then to be honest it is worth more to me as a spare as I know this one is new and not used and (I would like to think works fine as I have never used it). Sorry bout that, although I did not know what they were worth I did not realise they were worth that little.

That is for the used one. The new ones are currently 49.
The link did not come over correctly

For now I will keep it as I was totally wrong with what I thought they would be and worth more as a spare. Should have googled price before I was trigger happy on the keyboard. Sorry about that. If I do persuade myself to part with it and you do not have it I will let you know. Sorry for being trigger happy.

No worries Thanks Russ

Now sorted.

@GADC_Committee could you mark the title as such please.

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Glad you sorted it mate.

Thanks Russ, got a brand new one, then about an hour later someone on here offered me one cheaper but I’d already done the deal. Such is life eh?