WANTED: Dobo Minimal Mount for RC-1N controller

Any idea where I can get something similar that is available in the UK.

I have been in touch with OriginaldoBo and they are not shipping internationally due to high shipping costs.

Tripltek sell their own mount for the RC-1N. Different design from Dobo but similar price but when shipping is added it doubles the total cost :man_shrugging:

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Everything else I’ve seen apart from the Dobo seems far too complex and heavy adding to the already considerable weight of the Tripltek 8 to start with.

I was hoping that someone could manufacture something along the lines of the Dobo that was in or could be shipped to the UK.

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Understand what you mean - the Dobo item is really minimal and seems to work well.

Wonder if any of the 3D printing sites has an option. If you can locate a file I’m sure someone on here would be able to help - quite a few members with pretty good 3D printing skills.

The other option is @yorkie9668 - Mark - he had a Tripltek for sale with a Dobo mount - maybe he could advise how he got his mount so I’ve tagged him here - HTH


I still have a new mount for sale for the Tripltek 8 Inch

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How much including shipping to not so sunny Scotland?

I’m not sure how to DM from here

£17.50 inc delivery, pay before or once received via bank transfer, that is how I sold the others, they will all vouch for me. click my name and option to message pops up, that is the way to send address etc

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